About Holley Deshaw

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Hello and Welcome to my page!  It has been 15 years in the making to get to this point in my career where I hope to now not only continue providing the highest levels of quality work in my profession but to provide insight to other areas I can further help you with as a athlete or organization.

My journey actually began in medicine, I was attending Oregon State with the full intent of becoming a nurse anesthetist.  I had strained my back and gone in to receive a chiropractic adjustment.  After my adjustment the chiropractor recommended that I get a massage to assist in relaxing the muscle spasm’s surrounding my spine.  My only experience with massage had been in a spa at that point with the intent to relax.  This massage was something I had never experienced and had no idea existed as a modality.  As I received treatment I literally could feel muscles releasing, and areas of restriction disappearing.  I will never forget walking down the hall that day and knowing that if I could have a career in which I could help facilitate the body’s natural process of healing and make someone feel as different from a structural and therapeutic standpoint as I did,  then I would have a career I truly loved and was passionate about.  I immediately researched the most reputable and challenging in study school I could find in the NW and was nothing short of impressed by the level of quality and difficulty I found at East West School of the Healing Arts.

After completing my schooling I began my practice working in a multifaceted rehabilitation center specializing in MVA’s and WC injuries.  I was part of a team of practitioners working on clients ranging from the most acute trauma related injuries to chronic issues.  It was during this time that I was able to pursue extensive work and study with functional scar tissue remodeling and applications best suited to acute, subacute and chronic healing patterns.

After 3 years my focus moved to Sports Specific Rehabilitation and it was at that point that I moved into working in a Sports Injuries and Performance Clinic.  During that time I had the opportunity to observe and learn incredible applications and modalities in sports performance therapy.  I also began my work on Athlete Medical Support Teams including The Dew Tour, LPGA, The Road to Eugene, Prefontaine Classic, the Olympic Track and Field Trials and working with Oregon Fencing, and Portland State University’s Athletic Dept.   I then applied to the USOC and did my first rotation at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista.  This began my work with USATF and USACK.  In the following years I worked on Medical Teams at the World Championships, the Continental Cup, Millrose Games, the Pan American Games and ultimately the Olympics in 2012.  I also had the incredible opportunity to head up teams at the Olympic Track and Field Nationals and Trials.  These experiences took me all over the world and along side the best in the World from athletes to practitioners.

I am a medical ambassador for KTHealth to the USOC, USA Track & Field, USA Wresting and USA Soccer.  This has included being the medical liaison to the Annual Prefontaine Classics, Indoor & Outdoor USATF National Championships, Olympic Track & Field Trails and USA Wresting National Championships.   A majority of my work has also included working with individual athletes in the NFL & NBA, as well as at Elite Level Athlete Hospitalities and Events with Nike Football, and Track & Field.

I am a member with the Trackgirlz Team as Lead Recovery Influencer and will be participating in empowering and educating the next generation of Trackgirls in upcoming Leadership camps along some of the most amazing Track Women in the industry.

As a medical ambassador for Restore HyperWellness, I have been able to incorporate incredible cutting edge and scientifically proven recovery an wellness modalities for my clients.  Including localized and full  body cryo, PBM (Photo Bio Modulation, red light therapy), infrared sauna with cromotherapy, IV drips, facilitated stretch therapy with hyperice technology, Normatec compression therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen technology.

This has been an incredible journey of working with the human body to facilitate it’s optimal health and wellness in so many different settings I consider it a true honor to say I have loved every moment of it and I look forward to further moving forward the profession and working in this incredible field of recovery, performance, health and wellness!